A list of lists



Things I like about China

My wife – of course in the first place!
The food – specially from the south west – Sichuan, Guangxi, Yunnan
Courtyards – if you live in one you don’t want to miss it.
Buddhism – off all the worlds big religions…..
Bonsai – here penjing – old hobby of mine
Hutongs – walkable neighborhoods with courtyards
Opportunities – working, travelling
Gorgeous landscapes – Yangshuo, Yulongshan, Taihangshan…..
Classical gardens – Suzhou!
Markets – vegetable, antique and others….
Cheap taxis – sometimes hard to get, but if you have one they are affordable…
The south – specially the climate in Lijiang

Things I don’t like about China

The pollution – pm 2.5 @ 700…..!
The traffic.  See extra list
City planing – too big streets, demolition of heritage, not pedestrian friendly
Foreigner rip offs – bargaining is mandatory!
Sandstorms – yellow sky, everything coved with dust. Better leave the bike at home…
Traveling in public holidays – people mountain people sea…
KTV – ok as long as I don’t have to sing…

Things I like about architecture in China

Fast projects
The challenge of modern architecture with Chinese characteristics
Many good Chinese architecture offices emerging
My colleagues
Local traditional architecture

Things I don’t like about architecture in China

Clients with absolutely no taste
Work long hours on bad projects
Unprepared clients
Face jobs  –   Useless traveling
Quality of craftsmen’s work at construction sites
“Copy European village” projects
Too formalistic
Drinking with clients
Again KTV

Things I don’t like about traffic in China

People crossing streets without looking
Cars can always turn right.  -   Even if there is a cyclist
The right of the stronger
Traffic police not caring about traffic
Rush hour
Subway service stops at 22:30
Inconvenient subway line changes.  -   Xizhemen, Guomao, Dongzhimen…
Cars driving on bike lanes – that’s normal…
Getting out of the city on weekends if you are too late   -> extreme traffic jam
Cars in Hutongs



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